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  TAPI Development Tools
    For TAPI application developers who prefer to use commercially available tools to do their job, the following tools should be of great help in time saving, feature enhancement and most important better debugging support.

    Tools listed below are in alphabetical order and not ranked by superiority. Visitors are recommend to do their own search for proper choice that meet their particular requirements.

  CT-Messenger KDTele TAPIEx ExceleTel
  CTI / IVR System Design
    Nowadays, there are many good high-level design tools that help novice people to do their own CTI / IVR flow design. The idea is with high-level design, details related to telecommunication operation can be masked, that will greatly reduce the time spent in building a reliable solution.

    The following just a few products we have tested. (The key benefit is IT WORKS !)
Contax IVR II TERAVoice VoiceGuide
  Telephone / Voice Logging
    Among the wide choice of many product on the market, we recommend products below for its good price and quality ratio. For a good phone recording system, it must be reliable, not missing any phone calls and can be searched easily for future reference.
  Telephone Dictation
    For a good phone dictation application, the key is the reliability in operation. The following products have been worked well with CallURL TAPI boards for years.

    One important factor in reliable operation is the detection of DTMF tones while recording or playing. Due to various environment related causes, the DTMF detection should be different from ordinary CTI application. To further improve this performance, VoiceLink -2/4/8L TAPI boards have added better control into this area. (In addition to its higher quality sound)

    Better use NEW VoiceLink boards if you desire an even better DTMF detection performance.
QuickScribe DialDictate
          Lawyers, Doctors, Business Professionals:
               Turn your computer into a state-of-the-art digital dictation and transcription system.
   Fax Server / FOD Solution (Contact us)
   Auto Dialer / Power Dialer (Contact us)
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