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Contax IVR II 4.0.0 New Feature
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       Bundled with VoiceLink Series TAPI Card only  
    Bundled with VoiceLink TAPI card for PC flexibility (No license registration required)

    Add support to FAX & E1 Card (VoiceLink) as well as SMS (CallURL GSM Modem)

    Modified architecture for robustness and performance (Compared to old versions)
    » Carry over V3.XX improvements:
Treat RunTime engine and tapisrv as independent SVCHOST process to avoid crashes
   caused by other processes
Guarded possible Incoming call events to prevent IVR Channel from Hanging
Changed Scheduler cycling scheme for reliable Out-going calls
Add monitor process and debug message in RunTime Engine for better performance
Fixed system hang issue during call transfer
Corrected DBQuerry component for “specific” database UPDATE operation
Matching adjustments for smooth Simulation of the Call-Flow Design
     » IVR II 4.0.0 can support Talk Voice; VoiceLink and VoiceTruck (E1) TAPI cards
     » Add “Channel Launch” function (Auto-run without wait for Ringing)
     » Improved IVR II interface with Tapisvr to speed-up the IVR channel initialization and
        response. Achieve over 30X improvement, now can easily support several hundreds
        of IVR II channels
     » Renewed OutBound Call architecture :
Control of call out sequence by priority
STOP and START call out via TCP/IP (for Web UI control)
Allow choice of Callout channel by “type” (e.g. GSM, VoIP)
Reporting of CallOut Failure (No Answer; Busy; Fax No Resource)
Add OutBoundReqID (Refer to specific IVR Chnl for DB update)
     » Enhanced FAX support functions:
Fine-tune Fax signal support for Fax Server application (Fax Machine compatibilities
   and FAX component stability)
Add Wave play feature to implement “Vocal Guidance”
ncorporated “Time-out” handling in SendFAX & RecvFAX
Add ErrorCode for Fax failure ( Unknown; No Fax Resource; Called party not press
   START button, etc.)
Provide Virtual Printer for Document format conversion
Support bmp, gif, jpg, txt & tiff format (IVR II 4.0.0 can adapt Txt format to different
   country or language)
     » Now can send E-mail to standard E-mail Servers via TVRSendEmail
     » Added fo for efficient flow-design:
    TVRAutoRouting   TVRSleep (ms range)   TVRCallEnd
    TVRCallOut (within IVX)   TVRWait (Call drop)  
  TVRCallINI (Allow access .INI file for parameter fetch)  
     » TVRGreeting & TVRRecorder now support PCM 8KX8bit; 8KX16bit; A-law & μ-law formats
     » Misc. e.g. VoIP Registration Status; CallURL ResponseCode; bug fixes.
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