User's Guide (398KMB)

Major Addition & Enhancements in TAPI Card
     (EasyTAPI 4.0.0 Supports VoiceLink series TAPI cards only)

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    » Windows Vista Compatible ! (Win XP Home / Pro. Server 2000 / 2003)
        » New Intel / AMD CPU support (Dual CPU, Dual Core, new Chip sets)
        » Enhanced Lower-level Monitor Tools (VocMon.exe)
    » Caller Name & Called ID support in addition to Caller ID
    » Support 16-bit Audio format (8KX16 bit; 32 Kbps OKI ADPCM; 64 Kbps μ-law PCM;
        64 Kbps A-law PCM; 64 Kbps windows 8-bit PCM)
    » Separated Audio stream for Full Duplex support
        (Echo Cancel by hardware or software depending on models)
    »Advanced Outbound Call support (SIT tones; Answering Machine Beep tones; Voice
       Mail tone and Falling-edge Silence Detection)
    ( * Optional, Check reseller for details )
    » Driver enhancements for non-stop, multi-line, multi-session applications
    » Performance improvement to support 80 to 120 analog channels
    » New design supports Talk Voice & VoiceLink cards in same PC
         » Compatibility tested with popular TAPI telephony tools:
    CT-Messenger   ExceleTel Tools   KDTele Tools
  TAPIEx   TERAVoice   VoiceGuide
    » Misc. e.g. VoIP Registration Status; CallURL ResponseCode; bug fixes.
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