About us

    CallURL Inc. carries a long history in design, development of Voice Boards and related application software. (It can be traced back for more than 14 years from old day’s Oineed Inc. working on ISA bus cards to it’s PCI equivalents)

    We are the few companies that actively support TAPI based Voice boards, those PCI based cards works well with many existing third-party TAPI applications.

    CallURL Inc. since it formation, set as company mission to

      (1) Continue the TAPI based Telephony board, in enhancement and          further product line additions .
      (2) To utilize R/D strength in Networking and Voice Communication          for better integrated solution, at an affordable price, to Low          and Medium business users.
      (3) To joint force top talents in engineering and product marketing          (as partners) to catch the growing wave of networked          communication trend.

    We possess core technical assesses in Hardware design, DSP coding, Driver and TAPI–based application development. Therefore, issues within our networked voice communication expertise, can be resolved in-house easily.

    We now have a stable IVR flow-design platform for application development (It’s quick in prototyping and stable in performance); we also have integrated solutions to tie Analog / Digital PSTN with the emerging VoIP world. With major components all designed in-house, timely delivery to customer’s request can be better assured.

    Please review our standard offerings in this web-site. Should there’s question or special request that you think we can be of help, feel free to contact us at info@callurl.net

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