Product Introduction
PCX/VL is an affordable communications solution that is easy to use, easy to
manage,scalable, reliable and delivers unparalleled enterprise-class functionalities.
It consists with VoiceLink card for PSTN interface and PCX software for SIP Proxy,
Gateway and PBX functions (Fax Server function can be optionally added)
Unique Features
Dual-Mode, support PSTN or SIP VoIP extensions
Support migration from existing PBX to IP VoIP
Build-in SIP Gateway and Proxy functions
Highly integrated & Pre-configured for quick start
Smooth call transfer among PSTN / VoIP extensions
Sophisticated call routing capabilities
Web-based Auto-Attendant & Voice Mail
(Support traditional PBX Extensions. as well)
SIP extension can be anywhere
(Break the physical limits to “free” remote workers)
Advanced PBX functions
Multiple Operators (Up to 4), increase flexibility
Night Mode (Convenience for small office).
Enterprise-level IVR (for your company image)
(Selectable) Multiple-language of system voice
Support multiple Branches as one system
Line Access groups, Call Forwarding, Transfer
Pick-up, Hold, Music on hold, Direct dialing
3-way Conference (When agent device supports this)
Configurable extension numbering plan
Web-based User and Administer UI
Personal Services
Phone and Web-based Personal Settings features
Leave or Retrieve Voice Mail (Via phone or Web UI) at user’s choice
Voice message (and other Media) can be forwarded, saved, deleted and e-mailed, etc.
Call Forwarding (Multiple conditions and levels of setting) to reach people all the time
Personalize prompts with conditional play selections (Set by users)
Personal Message auto-play, manipulation via Web UI. (Not bounded by location and time)
Line to line relay and Click to Dial features
Send / Receive FAX in personal message box with Fax Server functions (Optional)
Call Recording (Option charged based on PSTN or/and VoIP)
Voice Portal Web Services
Complete Auto-Attendant features support multi-language greeting and multi-operators
Different Operator mode and forwarding setting for working-hour and off-hour.
Vocal prompts can inform calling line status during call progress or transfer, this will provide a
friendly calling experience
UI provides Yellow Book Service Caller ID display; There’s detailed call log for real-time monitor
and later reference as well
System verification services including “Circuit Check”; Voice Portal Quality test, Recording and
Replay tests, and “what is my extension”, … etc.
Easy Customization capability, can do special function per customer’s request
Pop-up windows to registered user’s Desk top (Can be used to support CRM application)
Traditional PSTN Extension
Extension to extension Call Transfer using “Flash” key or Key sequence defined by PBX makers.
(The analog PBX must have this feature to allow its work)
Call Pick up based on PBX usage; for external call, provide Least-Cost routing based on rules
defined by system administer (Via PCX’s IVR engine)
Access Group and external access are under system control to achieve “Intelligent” dialing (User
just dial the number he want, no need to add prefix or remember access digit(s)
SIP VoIP Extension
SIP VoIP Extension to extension call Transfer using “Flash” key
Call Pick up using “Predefined keys”; for external call, provide Least-Cost routing based on rules
defined by system administer.
Access Group and external access are under system control to achieve “Intelligent” dialing (User
just dial the number he want, no need to add prefix or remember access digit(s) This can greatly
improve dialing efficiency.
Combined SIP Proxy and PCX Call Routing to make SIP VoIP calling and transfer easy and seamless.
Users make call without knowing difference.
Monitor and rescue scheme has been included to take care bad network traffic situation
Peer to peer VoIP phone calling can still be logged under PCX system (PLL delete whatever behind .. )
Add new VM and IVR / AA ; Call Forwarding (to Mobile) features to existing PBX system
(Bring advanced features while reserve investment)
Expand traditional PBX for mor e extensions - Using SIP VoIP. (No phone wiring required,
can be expanded rapidly)
Provide “Remote Connection” for your workers (at home, in travel etc.)
New Small to Medium office – Buy completed system, Easy and Quick in set up.
Link multiple office’s PBX into one system (Using PCX’s integration / routing features)
Your employees can make calls as if in one building.
Take advantage of cost saving on VoIP and alternate service providers.
Integrate FAX Server into PCX (as option) for paperless Faxing and do Fax like E-mail.
This option can greatly save your cost and time.
Integrated Call Recording for various business’s need (This option can do call Monitor,
keeping record for future Tracking or Review etc.)
Remote Call Center Applications; CRM additions.
Product Specifications
  Number of ports: 4 (- 4L); 8 (- 8L)
  Max. boards per system: 5
  Digital signal processor: TI TMS 320VC5402 @100 MIPS
Host Interface
  Half-size PCI form factor
    Electrical: Rev. 2.3 of PCI bus specification
    PCX & PCI-X compatible with 3.3/5 V universal signaling
    Bus speed: 33 MHz maximum
    Shared memory: 256 KB dual port static memory
    Address and interrupts configured automatically by PnP BIOS or PnP OS
    Board ID: Rotary switch to uniquely identify each board
  Telephone Interface
    Line interface: Loop-start
    Connectors: Four RJ-14 jacks; RJ-14 to RJ-11 cables supplied for - 8L model
    Return loss: 20 dB min (300 to 3300 Hz at 600 Ohms impedance)
    Caller ID: International Caller ID capability via on-hook audio path
  Audio Signal and Interface
    Automatic gain control (AGC)
    Silence detection: programmable (nominal: -44 dBm)
    Call progress monitoring: standard and custom frequency based
  Audio Encoding
    Sample rate: 8KHz
    64 Kbps μ-law PCM
    64 Kbps windows 8-bit PCM
    Dynamic range: -36 dBm to -3 dBm per tone
    Tone duration: 40 ms (minimum)
    Acceptable twist: 10 dB
  Bundled Drivers and Software
    PCX Auto install device and wave drivers for Windows 2000, 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista
  DTMF Tone Detection
    DTMF digits: 0 to 9, *, #, A,B, C & D
    Dynamic range: -36 dBm to -3 dBm per tone
    Tone duration: 40 ms (minimum)
    Acceptable twist: 10 dB
  Tone Dialing
    Transmit level: normal at -6.0dBm (high), -8.0dBm (low), parameters programmable
    Frequency variation: < 1%
  Power Requirements
    +5.0V @ 500mA +12V @ 200 mA     +3.3V @ 500mA -12V @ 200 mA
    215mm (L) x 107mm (H); 12.283” (L) x 4.2” (H)
    Telephone network: FCC Part 68
    EMI: FCC Part 15, Class B
    Operating temperature: 0 to 50 C (32 to 122 F)
    Storage temperature: -20 to 65 C (4 to 149 F)
    Humidity: 10 to 80%, non-condensing
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