International Software Partners


NCH Swift Sound NCH Swift Sound  is a TAPI application software company,it offers a wide range of voice application packages sold to USA and European countries
KDTele Tools KDTele  is a TAPI tool developing companyits software is well accepted in TAPI developper's community
TERAVoice TERAVoice provides TAPI Voice software for European countries
CALLURL now provides " 16-bit Audio Format " TAPI Telephony Devices
VoiceGuide VoiceGuide provides a TAPI Software for creating Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voicemail, Auto Dialer, and just about any other automated telephone systems for small and medium businesses.
Digital Technology LLC, Provides Phone Dictation software and related Telephony Voice Card ( sell and services )
Taiwan 國內產品及技術合作夥伴
声硕科技股份有限公司 聲碩科技為國內研發中文語音辨識引擎 (Automatic Speech Recognition, ASR),其語音辨識引擎可完全結合 CONTAX IVR II 使用,該引擎已使用於本公司之網路電信局之聲控功能上
网际智慧 IQ網際智慧為國內研發中文文字轉語音 (Text-to-Speech, TTS) 之公司。其IQ TTS產品符合 Microsoft SAPI v5.x之規範,為本公司文字轉語音之合作廠商其產品可完全結合CONTAX IVR II
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